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Jaljala Hospital and Research Centre, Thabang Rolpa
Thabang, Rolpa (Estd. 2074)

Emergency Rport:Jajala Hospital & Research Center,Thabang Rolpa!

New-Up-Date: 2078. 3.3 (2021.6.17),
written by Dr. Ishida, checked by Mr. Rajkumar BM and Ms. Sahanshila BM

Covid-19 Second Wave, now over 100 patients in Thabang.
-- Thanks for big support! --

Now, Covid-19 patients are rapidly increasing in our village. Pandemic explosively spread in India 2 months ago and flowed into Nepal, at first into Kathmandu, big cities and then into rural villages. *(1)(2)(3)(4) Comparing to the 1st wave of Covid-19 last year, 2nd wave was quite different and serious. Last year, we could control 1st wave by strict lockdown and quarantine. Although we prepared one bed isolation room and isolated fever clinic room in our hospital, but it was almost vacant. This year, when Kathmandu/Dang entered into lockdown, 7 weeks ago, here was no patient with Covid-19, but 3 weeks later, big wave flowed into our village, and patients increased explosively. Main reason of this difference may be the strong transmission power of new “Delta variant virus” which found at first in India. Now, we are preparing many beds in Jakibang for Isolation and effective treatment of Covid patients. It became possible only by the strong support from many people. Here in this home-page, we would like to express our many thanks to these supporters, and also, we will report our efforts to overcome this crisis. We must make big united power and change the covid crisis into the chance for constructing strong health system. Our struggle against this crisis will open the way to construct new 15 bed hospital as a new model of rural/Janajati hospital.

< Overview of patients > -- Covid-2nd wave in Thabang, till 2021.6.1 --

<1> Clinical course of serious cases,

Dead case: 2.
(87 year old male, and 71 year old male with chronic lung/heart disease. He was tried to carry to KTM, but it was impossible due to bad weather/road block and died.)

Referred case: 2.
(Serious pneumonia middle aged male to Mediciti/KTM and one male to Kalanga. Both recovered.)

<2> Each total number of patients.
  • total admission in ward: 29, Oxygen necessary: 13 (now staying in ward: 20) and Steroid necessary: 22
  • home isolation: 83
  • Covid-19 test positive total: 110

(PCR positive: 25/total test 52. Antigen kit positive: 85)/total test 202

<3> Total number of vaccination: single dose: 362, double dose: 148.
( Elder villagers over 65 years old, by request. All hospital staffs finished 2 months before.)

Now, 2021.6.6-12: Hand in hand Against crisis.

Many supporters domestic and abroad supported us. Some supporters directly carried medical instruments and oxygen and donated to us. Youth club organized free food service for the isolation patients, supported by the donation from many village people.

3 Weeks Before, 2021.5.23-27 : Rapid spread of infection.

Next to the first small Isolation ward, second Isolation room started in the big hall which was originally constructed as Martyr Memorial Hall 4 years ago.

4 Weeks Before, 2021.5.14-21 : Start of 2nd wave.

Many cough/fever patients visited our hospital. We changed corona-test zone from inside to outside. We all together constructed new outside fever clinic and fever check help desk at the entrance. For the Corona positive patients who need admission/ oxygen therapy, Isolation room was prepared in Jakibang.

From 1st wave last year to 2nd wave. 2020.4--2021.3:

Last year, strict Lockdown, Quarantine (in school) protected our village from Corona 1st wave. But side effect of this lockdown also damaged us. During this lockdown period, 2 patients died here because of difficult transportation to city area.

During the 1st wave in last year 2020.9, PCR test for our hospital staffs and civil service people was done in our hospital. Among them only 2 civil people were positive and their symptoms were not serious. This year, vaccination program was organized at first for hospital staffs at Rolpa hospital and then local vaccination program started for senior villagers over 65 years old. (Single dose:363, double dose:142. Some people got infected even after vaccination, but their symptom was not serious. We feel vaccination is effective and important for Covid-prevention.)